Nu Dimensions Nutrition

Nu Dimensions Nutrition has been making RAW pet food in small batches since 1998.  We are not the big commercial type pet food, we are a small batch-hand crafted pet food, made on our family farm, in a state of the art processing facility.

​All of our flavors are made with top quality meats and organically grown produce.

No grain!  Simply top quality RAW meat and veggies.  10 FLAVORS!

All ingredients are locally sourced from NC farms and producers.

NDN Pet Food is specially formulated to provide the RAW diet your pet needs.  Our biologically appropriate RAW pet food is a guaranteed way to provide the natural diet your carnivore has evolved to need for optimum health and longevity.

NDN is specially formulated for dogs and cats of ALL LIFE STAGES.

​Shipping available to the Continental US.


Does your dog fetch sticks...or does it fetch TREES!?

Our Mission

Our mission is simply to provide your pet with the absolute best RAW pet food possible.   

When you want to feed the best...

We guarantee a well balanced RAW pet food, specially formulated by Holistic Vets and Pet nutritionists, for your pets optimal health and nutrition.  

 Top quality meats.  Organic produce.

NDN pet foods are designed for all life stages of dogs and cats, based upon AAFCO.

Nutritional analysis is verified by independent lab testing.

Our Guarantee

RAW Pet Food

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